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Bitrise and React Native

I've been intending to write this article for about a year and just haven't made time for it until now. I'm going to discuss how our team…

October 21, 2020By Joe LafioscaRead Article →

OpenCBM and nibtools for MacOS Catalina

If you're trying to use a ZoomFloppy to read and write Commmodore 64 disks with a modern Mac, you'll probably want to install OpenCBM and…

June 06, 2020By Joe LafioscaRead Article →

Q&A: Shell Command Parsing

A software development student using bash as her shell was having trouble changing into a specific directory at the command line. She had…

May 31, 2020By Joe LafioscaRead Article →

The Terrible Homepage

My name is Joe Lafiosca. I used to develop many sites and domains back when that was an unusual and difficult thing to do. Then because I…

May 30, 2020By Joe LafioscaRead Article →